Dance for Camera

Our Dance for Camera projects at NYUSH are examples of a new film genre that merges performance and film aesthetics. Some films include student’s choreography and their own performances. Others are collaborations with unique communities, such as artists exhibiting their work in galleries or museums, monks in surrounding monasteries, or professional dancers from Shanghai.

A cross between experimental, narrative film and video art, our films offer an enticing, challenging, and inspiring way to experience the vibrancy of live dance, the rhythm of choreography and editing, and the intimacy of the screen. Now we films directed by others too.



The films included here are:
The Leaving Room (2020)
Monk (2018)
习学.学习 (2018)
The Turning Point (2017)
Black Wave + Blackfish (2017)
The New Book of Mountain and Seas (2016)
Two (2016)