Dance Minor

A Minor in Dance broadens a student’s perspective in the performing arts, helps one gain a firm understanding of different dance forms, and appreciate the various historical and sociocultural factors shaping the creation of those forms.  The dance minor requires both academic and technique coursework in the study of dance, creative process, performance, analysis, and history.

Having a minor in dance is useful and can supplement any major or career path. Possible multidisciplinary fields related to the dance minor include physical therapy, education, marketing and communications, work in kinetic interfaces and projection mapping, performance studies, musical theater, videography, film, costume and prosthetic design.

The Cross-School Dance Minor, hosted by Tisch School of the Arts, can be fulfilled by coursework completed at NYUSH. You must complete 16 points in total in non-repeating classes to graduate with a Minor in Dance.

These following classes count towards the minor:

ART-SHU 230 Ballet  2 points
ART-SHU 225A/B Contemporary Dance  2 points
ART-SHU 232 Intermediate Ballet  2 points
ART-SHU 242 Dances of Southern China  2 points
ART-SHU 243 Dances of Northern China  2 points
ART-SHU 239.2 Choreography & Performance  2 points
ART-SHU 239.4 Choreography & Performance  4 points 
ART-SHU 340 Composition (Advanced Choreography)  2 points
ART-SHU 610 Art is a Hammer  4 points 
ART-SHU 341 Dance on Camera  4 points