Drawing from the rich cultural heritage and the contemporary arts of Shanghai, China, and the world, the Visual Art area of NYU Shanghai offers its students a vibrant place to explore art in translation: cross-cultural influences, tradition/contemporary, East/West, and the societal landscape around them.

We are inspired to open our students to look at the world through expanded ways of seeing and observing. The students and faculty come from around the world, and we learn from each other, exchanging aesthetic and intellectual experimentation in the context of the globalization of contemporary art and social practice. By having students that come from various backgrounds, cultures and fields, including science, finance, and humanities, this adds to the mix of thoughts to formulate new methods of creating in the classroom and beyond. Besides teaching art techniques, we encourage our students to think across cultures, combine methods, and bring their conceptual thinking not only to their artwork but also to their other disciplines.

Our professors bring their considerable exhibition and practical experience to our classes, having shown and worked both in Asian and Western museums, art centers, and galleries.